Bonding Post Operation Information

Dental Bonding Process

Bonded composite resin restorations are the most conservative option available in modern dentistry today. They last a long time and look very natural.

There are no metals involved and since the filling is “welded” to your tooth by a special light source, the expectation is that the area will be problem-free for many years to come.

Due to the extensive finishing and polishing procedures that are used, there might have been some irritation caused to the gums surrounding the teeth. This should heal within a day or two without any lasting effects.

To properly adjust your bite we used a fine ribbon to identify any “high” spots. Due to the fact that we used anesthetic today the way you were biting down might have changed somewhat. If that was the case, we might have overlooked some of these “high” spots.

Dental Bonding Post Operation

After the freezing wears off, check the way your bite feels. If it feels uneven or uncomfortable in any other way, please do let us know.

If you have any questions feel free to ask any of my staff at Williams Lake Smiles or me. For additional information, please further explore this website.

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