By Dr. Rudy Wassenaar

Orthodontic treatment and care has decreased the cases of cavities and missing teeth not only in Williams Lake, BC, but in other parts of the world as well. It is our joy to gaze upon our patients’ beautiful, healthy smiles after taking advantage of our orthodontic services here at William’s Lake Smiles.


Orthodontics is a specialization in dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of problems in the jaw, face, or bite (also known as malocclusions). Orthodontic treatment is done by an orthodontist, an oral health care provider that has undergone adequate years of training beyond dental school.




You may need to undergo an orthodontic procedure because of two primary reasons: function and aesthetics. Having healthy teeth that function well is important in a person’s daily life, yet an attractive smile also boosts one’s self-confidence. You can have both by receiving the appropriate orthodontic treatment depending on your specific condition.


Dr. Wassenaar detects a problem once the patient’s teeth are protruding, crowded, or shifting out of position. Aside from such symptoms, one may also be able to notice breathing through the mouth, frequent accidental biting of the palate or cheek, difficulties in speech, and thumb-sucking that continues beyond the age of three or four. An orthodontic problem may be present once teeth do not properly meet when the mouth is closed, or if the jaws shift or create sounds as they are moved.


Generally, the installation of braces does not cause significant pain. However, pain and discomfort can surface a couple of days after the installation of the appliance. In such case, the patient may be required to return to the office to have their braces adjusted. Periodic adjustments are a contributing factor to soreness in the area as well, but this only lasts a couple of days. There are also over-the-counter medications that can alleviate pain.


Extraction may be necessary if teeth are too crowded or if impacted teeth are present. However, younger patients who have been treated much earlier may not need any tooth extraction.


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Clearline is a system for straightening crooked teeth that use smooth plastic that is molded into custom-made aligners. These aligners follow your specialized treatment plan, with each set designed to push your teeth into their proper positions. Clearline straightens your teeth with a simple process that takes far less time than other straightening treatments.

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Dear valued patients of Williams Lake Smiles,

Greetings to patients and friends of Williams Lake Smiles!

June is here and hopefully, more summer weather is headed our way!

We are feeling excited and optimistic about the months to come as it appears that there is some positive easing of restrictions in British Columbia. Our team hopes this means that you will be able to slowly begin to see loved ones and move around a little bit more. Good news for us all!

In our office, your health and safety is still our utmost concern so we would like to update you and review our current protocols.

We are happy to be able to move from our online covid pre-screening forms to a verbal questionnaire. This means that you will no longer be required to do the online covid form before every appointment.
For the continued health and safety of all, we ask that you do not attend our office if you feel unwell at all or have traveled outside of the country within the past 14 days. We will ask you covid screening questions on the phone, at the time of scheduling appointments, and then again at the time of your arrival in our office. Mask wear is still mandatory for anyone entering our office. Your temperature will still be taken, shoe coverings provided and we will have you use hand sanitizer upon check-in at the door.

We will still be doing all we can to limit the amount of people in the office at one time and who you come into contact with while you are here.
We ask that you do not arrive too far ahead or drop off family members early for scheduled appointments. If our waiting room is full, we may ask you to remain in your vehicle and we can call you in as soon as we are ready. Please do not bring any extra people with you into the office. No spouses, children or siblings can accompany you to your appointment in the office.
We will continue with all other enhanced safety protocols to ensure that the health of our patients and staff team are our first priority and allow us to continue to provide you with our full range of exceptional dental care.

The Williams Lake Smiles team thanks to our amazing patients and friends for their ongoing patience and support through these unprecedented times of the past year and moving forward.
We appreciate your trust in us to help you be the healthiest you can be!

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule any of your dental needs.


Dr. Rudy Wassenaar and the team at Williams Lake Smiles

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