By Dr. Rudy Wassenaar

Orthodontic treatment and care has decreased the cases of cavities and missing teeth not only in Williams Lake, BC, but in other parts of the world as well. It is our joy to gaze upon our patients’ beautiful, healthy smiles after taking advantage of our orthodontic services here at William’s Lake Smiles.


Orthodontics is a specialization in dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of problems in the jaw, face, or bite (also known as malocclusions). Orthodontic treatment is done by an orthodontist, an oral health care provider that has undergone adequate years of training beyond dental school.




You may need to undergo an orthodontic procedure because of two primary reasons: function and aesthetics. Having healthy teeth that function well is important in a person’s daily life, yet an attractive smile also boosts one’s self-confidence. You can have both by receiving the appropriate orthodontic treatment depending on your specific condition.


Dr. Wassenaar detects a problem once the patient’s teeth are protruding, crowded, or shifting out of position. Aside from such symptoms, one may also be able to notice breathing through the mouth, frequent accidental biting of the palate or cheek, difficulties in speech, and thumb-sucking that continues beyond the age of three or four. An orthodontic problem may be present once teeth do not properly meet when the mouth is closed, or if the jaws shift or create sounds as they are moved.


Generally, the installation of braces does not cause significant pain. However, pain and discomfort can surface a couple of days after the installation of the appliance. In such case, the patient may be required to return to the office to have their braces adjusted. Periodic adjustments are a contributing factor to soreness in the area as well, but this only lasts a couple of days. There are also over-the-counter medications that can alleviate pain.


Extraction may be necessary if teeth are too crowded or if impacted teeth are present. However, younger patients who have been treated much earlier may not need any tooth extraction.


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Clearline is a system for straightening crooked teeth that use smooth plastic that is molded into custom-made aligners. These aligners follow your specialized treatment plan, with each set designed to push your teeth into their proper positions. Clearline straightens your teeth with a simple process that takes far less time than other straightening treatments.

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Covid-19 (Corona) Virus

Dear valued patients of Williams Lake Smiles,

We hope this finds all our patients and friends healthy and well as summer is supposed to be arriving! Fingers crossed that we will see some sunshine in the Cariboo soon!

Our clinic staff have been working hard through this "new normal" of COVID-19 and ensuring that our clinic is exceeding the regulations to create the most safe and comfortable environment for all our patients. In the field of dentistry, we have always been experts in infection control. Now we are establishing a modified workflow to go above and beyond in this endeavor.

We are starting to resume some scheduling of more routine procedures as well as emergency care at this time. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about our current protocols or would like to schedule care.

Please respect our measures we are taking to ensure physical distancing within our office. This includes completing the COVID-19 prescreening form that is emailed to you before each appointment. We are also continuing to limit our waiting room to one person at a time and having patients complete payments and scheduling in their treatment room before exiting through the side door. This allows us to prevent interaction between patients whenever possible.

You may also find that we are slightly less flexible in our available appointment times for now as we are managing these new measures. We need to consider the amount of patients within our clinic at any time as well as stagger our patient entry and exit times.

Please be patient and kind as we all adjust to this protocol that is in place for the safety of all of us.

Take a few minutes to watch and share our latest instalment of Dr Wassenaar's appearance on the television program "The Wellness Hour". This interview outlines a lot of what we are doing to make sure that our patients have the utmost confidence and comfort in visiting Williams Lake Smiles at all times.


Our first TV interview has enjoyed 860,000 views with world-wide sharing. We would love to hear your feedback.

We look forward to seeing you in our office soon.


Dr Rudy Wassenaar

Dr Sophia Dahai

And all the Williams Lake Smiles team

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