Crown Cement Post Operation Information

Cemented Crown Post Operation Information

When a crown is cemented in place, every attempt was made to give it the most accurate aesthetics, fit, and bite. However, there is a possibility that things might not feel quite “right.” Typically, if you are used to the cemented crown within 48 hours, everything should be fine. If after this period there are still problems please let us know. Most of the time all we have to do is a limited bite adjustment to get you comfortable again.

In rare cases, there might be cold sensitivity that might take longer to go away. As long as the situation is improving there is no need to worry. Eventually, it will go away. If you experience discomfort with your cemented crown that worries you, or that is getting worse, please call the Williams Lake Smiles office immediately.

If you have any questions about our post op information for your cemented crown, please call the office at your convenience.

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