Things to Do in Williams Lake

man in front of mountain lake Williams Lake is hands down one of the prettiest towns in British Columbia. But, we might be biased.

It’s the perfect balance between small town and rural living. You can disconnect from the perils of city life and still enjoy the luxuries of modern life.

At Williams Lake Smiles, we offer dental packages for patients from all over Washington and British Columbia to get their teeth fixed and enjoy a getaway.

Not only can you get high-quality and low-cost dental care, but you can also experience all that Williams Lake has to offer.

On that note, today, we’re going to shift gears from dental talk to discuss some of the features that makes Williams Lake a prime destination.

About Williams Lake

Williams Lake is centrally located in British Columbia, north of Vancouver and south of Prince George. With that said, you can turn your trip to Williams Lake into an excursion, if you want to see a variety of Canadian destinations.

Williams lake is located in a valley, and it neighbors rivers, hillsides, tree lines, hiking trails, and of course, the expansive lake.

The size of the lake makes it a great spot to go fishing, boating, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. You can also enjoy other adventurous water sports, like jet skiing.

Fishing in Williams Lake

Williams Lake is an angler’s dream. There are tons of freshwater rivers and lakes within close proximity of town, where you can experience different fishing techniques.

There are spots to ice fish, troll with a boat, fly fish, spin, and bait. Some of the most common fish in the area are rainbow trout, bull trout, and kokanee salmon. These also happen to be the best kinds of fish to cook over a fire, if you decide to camp out on your trip.

If you’re not an experienced angler, a lot of the resorts offer professional fishing tours. These make it easy for travelers, because they supply the gear, help you get your fishing license, and explain the best waterways to catch certain kinds of fish.

Hiking in Williams Lake

No matter the season you visit, Williams Lake has a handsome amount of outdoor strolls to explore.

In Williams Lake, there are two main hiking trails that are short but beautiful treks. One of these trails is along lakeside park. The second is along the Williams Lake River Valley Trail. In the winter months, you can snowshoe or Nordic ski through the scenery.

There are also two main national parks in Williams Lake: Tweedsmuir Provincial Park and Tsylos Provincial Park. Both are beautiful and chock full of scenery and wildlife.

Tsylos has a lot of backpacking hikes that are pristine for nature photographers. Tsylos boasts mountainous scenery, clear blue lakes, waterfalls, and meadows.

Tweedsmuir park is also great for fans of the outdoors. However, it’s more low-key with activities like hiking, fishing, and canoeing. There’s also a 260 m waterfall at the end of Turner Lake that runs off into Atnarko River.

Tourism Discovery Centre

A good place to get started on your adventure in Williams Lake is the Tourism Discovery Centre.

The Discover Centre is a beautiful log building with as much character and charm as our rustic town. They even have parking for RVs.

At the Tourism Centre, you can check out pamphlets, brochures, city information, and talk to the staff. Beyond typical visitor information, they also have shelves of books, a small cafe, and a gift shop.

The staff isn’t shy in helping you find information on attractions in the area. They can even help you find dog parks.

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Dear valued patients of Williams Lake Smiles,

Happy New Year to all our patients and friends of Williams Lake Smiles!

There’s just something about a new year! It represents a clean slate, a new beginning for many of us. As we finished up with 2020, we all want to believe that 2021 will bring a sort of relief from much of what the past year has brought us. 

Although there are still many restrictions and hurdles ahead of us, we are all doing our best to prove that we are resilient and focused on brighter and healthier days ahead.

The start of 2021 finds many of us evaluating our health and making plans and potential changes for the year ahead. So, as you are making some New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to add dental care to that list!

Managing your dental health is a key factor of keeping your immune system strong to help protect you against any attack. Just as important as a good diet, rest and exercise, your dental health is something you should not ignore.

Often dental changes can happen with little to no discomfort or warning. Just as changes in the rest of your body happen, it is the same for your teeth and mouth. We all know that age, stress, hormones and busy schedules (just to name a few) sneak up on us and seem to cause changes to our bodies almost overnight. Where you used to be able to eat whatever you wanted, barely exercise and stay up all hours of the night, you might be noticing that you just can’t do that anymore! It is similar with our dental care routine. If you have been doing the same routine for what seems like forever, it might be time to evaluate and change things, even slightly, to be more effective in keeping your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

Our team at Williams Lake Smiles is here to help make your health a top priority. We look forward to continuing to work with you as life changes happen and want to make dental pain and emergency the smallest challenges possible.

This past year we have been working even harder to make our office a safe, welcoming place for you to visit. You may notice our policies and protocols have changed and will continue to do so based on recommendations from our professional colleges, provincial and local health authorities. Please respect these new policies and understand that some extra screening and time is required in order to achieve this. To keep things running smoothly, it is very important to complete all screening paperwork prior to all visits to our office. If the required paperwork is not completed, we may need to reschedule your appointment time.

Contact our team to schedule a dental appointment to help you be the healthiest you in 2021.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Dr Rudy Wassenaar and the team at Williams Lake Smiles

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